Fathom Supply is global maritime procurement company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and provides yachts with parts, supplies and fuel worldwide.

Fathom Supply acts as distributor and retailer for a huge range of marine products needed in all onboard departments, interior, galley, deck, bridge and engine room; allowing yachts to buy at discounted rates.

Fathom Supply currently looks after yachts from 20 meters to 120 meters with some customer accounts that have been active since the company was formed in 2011.

Accuracy, timely personal service, discretion, and trust; we purposely remain a small outfit with a limited number of clients so that we maintain extremely high standards.

Contact our team to see if we can assist you. info@fathom-supply.com

Miele Marine

Fathom is the number 1 distributor for Miele products to the maritime industry supplying appliances to yachts in new build, in operation and in refit worldwide. Our direct to the yacht service saves money and time. We can also distribute Miele to other yacht suppliers.